Untitled ~ 05 27 2018

I was so angry and distraught. I went from room to room screaming and smashing things, crying out Lord why?! I began crying until my throat hurt asking again, Lord why?! I ran outside and kicked the post in my lawn until it toppled over. With Hulk like strength I began smashing the post on the ground, I was full of rage and had tears streaming down my face screaming to the top of my lungs, why my son?!

I began to climb the side of my house. I jumped onto the railings of the porch, I then somehow hoisted myself onto the roof. I was so out of breath and panting. But, it still wasn’t close enough, so I climbed on top of the chimney and with my hands raised high I screamed why?! I almost lost my balance, but some how positioned my body until I was stable. The wind was blowing, I could feel the breeze on my face.

I asked do you hear me Lord, do you hear me?! I began to whimper, please answer me and suddenly an eye appeared out of the heavens. He said I see you my child. I cried out, why did you take my son?! He said nothing. I screamed louder, why did you take my son?!!

He said, he didn’t belong to you, he belonged to Me. I only called him home. I was shocked at what I just heard, I didn’t answer immediately.

I finally said in a very soft voice, almost a whisper, I stuttered out I know, but I miss him. Why so soon? I miss him.

He said you are not ready to know the answer and at that moment, I awoke from my slumber, panting and gasping for air.

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