The Dream 06.15.2021

I dreamt I had surgery and died. I met my Heavenly Father. I asked Him to please turn back the hands of time and allow me to trade places with my son.

He said no my child it was his time and not yours. I asked again, pleading with Him to please allow me to trade places with my child. I explained to Him, the days are too long without him and the nights are even longer.

He looked at me and smiled, and said don’t you think I know this? I know the number of every strand of hair on your head, I know your thoughts before you even think them, I even know the pain you feel. You feel it on every cell in your body. You feel it on the tips of finger nails to the top of your head. Your entire body grieves for your son.

He said I am sending you back, your work is not done.

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