The Reason Why

She whispered to him in a dream I’m not sure the reason why our paths crossed. But I know that as someone once said, “We don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our paths for a reason, either they change our life or we change theirs”.

She held his hand and looked into his beautiful brown eyes and firmly stated, I believe we can change each other’s life.

In his ear she softly said, two imperfect people coming together due to some extraordinary circumstances.

Two imperfect people on a separate path to healing and self awareness while simultaneously finding their purpose. She believed the impossible was possible…because she had no fear. And he knew she was unlike any woman he had ever known or would ever meet.

He began to weep at the possibility of the impossible and with every tear he shed his mask began to fall and he was free. Free of decades of pain, fear and guilt. She held him close to her bosom as he weeped. He eventually fell asleep in her arms. For the first time in his life he rested. Because he knew he was finally safe and found the peace he had been searching for his entire life and he was happy.

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